The Best Jotun Paint Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Design

Jotun Lady Color Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Color Card

Product description
We rarely think of our walls as art pieces to be proud of; but with Jotun Lady Design Paints, You can truly express your personal sense of style. Jotun Lady Design Paints can give your walls colour, texture, and depth. The look of your home can now keep changing with every new inspiration that comes to you.

Lady Effects Glaze

Jotun Lady Glaze Shades Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Glaze Shades

Product description
Lady Effects Glaze is a high quality oil based glaze suitable for use in painting techniques such as colour washing, glazing, sponging, marbling, flame, ragging and other types of innovative finishes.
Recommended use
Ideal for design oriented interiors.
Note that all previously painted surfaces can be glazed eg. wooden surfaces, door panels, furniture and walls.

Fenomastic Hygiene

Jotun Fenomastic Paint Applicator in Dubai

tun Fenomastic Paint Shades

Product description
Take the safe route with this durable, washable antibacterial paint, which prevents the growth and spread of many different kinds of bacteria and fungi. Its also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms due to its unique High Crack Tolerance (HTC) formula, low flamespread and long lasting colours that stay attractive clean after clean.

Lady Design Stucco Antica

Jotun Lady Stucco Antica Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Stucco Antica

Product description
Lady Design Stucco Antica is a high quality waterborne paint which creates an elegant antique look on your interior walls – giving you a blend of opulence and antiquity. It comes in a beautiful selection of colours that will help you create the perfect look.

Professional Painting Service by Dubai Technical in U.A.E

We are highly skilled in residential and commercial interior painting and exterior painting (and related trades) in Dubai. We are the best painting contractors in U.A.E, ON and we present every time the best in any aspect – service, workmanship, quality & materials.


We know how difficult it is to have workers hanging in your home for some time. For that fact, we will take an extra attention while working during the project & only high quality painters will work for you. After preparing the house & painting it, we will make sure that everything is back in its place and we will clean the job site for the fresh new look.


Any successful exterior painting work begins with a good preparation. We know that this is the key element if we desire the paint to stick. Our experience leads us to a mastered prep work. After the preparation period is finished, we focus on applying the paint or stain in a smooth & efficient way which guarantee the winning look after drying.


We are proudly offer large range of services. From smallest house painting job and up to commercial & industrial locations, from the easiest job to the most complex.

Just tell us what do you need – We are here for you.


  • Painting – siding (on all surfaces), trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • Staining – siding, trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • Power washing.
  • chualking/sealing siding.


  • Painting – walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, doors, cabinets, banisters.
  • Drywall fixing.
  • Baseboards & trims chalking/fixing & nail holes filling.
  • Wallpaper removal.

Annual maintenance contracts available for Buildings Villas and apartments on attractive rates. Call out service available any where in Dubai Call Now 050 9113683 or Visit

Exterior Painting

RST Technical is one of the leading painting contractors in the exterior painting.

We are a quality driven team, who are highly focused on delivering quality detailed finishes.

We only ever use the best materials on the market, and are committed to using eco-friendly paints.

Our team of highly experienced decorators, experience will deliver your project on time with a superb finish and with minimal disruption to you,

We provide service and of course we also cover all aspects of painting & decorating.

When you are planning to paint your property exterior so you need to hire a professional painters that have expertise in exterior painting as there are so much cracks and damages , so Painters Dubai have all expertise to take care of your project,


We are active in the whole Dubai where we realise all our projects. For all the time since we started our business we have been using the exceptional skills of our best and most knowledgeable painters and decorators.


All the works related to the exterior house painting in Dubai that we perform and which include, for instance, preparations, decorating, staining, pressure washing, wood staining and repair, restoration works, or house painting are of the finest quality and provide our clients with the contentment.


We only use the finest and the least harmful tools, devices and materials for our painting, repairing and staining works. Our paints are all Eco-friendly and quick-dry, which allows us to considerably speed up our work and also to lower the costs of our labour. We possess an extensive range of available exterior painting ideas an designs.



We are also specialists in providing complex and comprehensive painting solutions for commercial needs. In order to get a full pricing list of all of our services, please contact us , be it the project of exterior painting, interior painting, or both. Exterior house painting in dubai by our professionals is the kind of service that you need.


We will provide the finest and the most reliable proof from the UV radiation from the sun heat and rain. Our paints are made from the best components which allow them to stay bright and vivid for a long period of time. Our experienced painters and decorators will provide you with all sorts of painting design, patterns and shades


Interior Painting Services

The Painter Dubai is one of the finest interior painting company in town with completes interior paint jobs in occupied homes and offices daily. We believe and trained our professional painters to not only complete Job effectively and efficiently but also we strongly focus to provide customer with best quality services and satisfied there all desires.

Throughout the application of paint process we are committed to be clean, neat and professional at all times. Our professional attitude and guaranteed interior work ensures 100% customer satisfaction.


Interior Painting Services

While painting the interior of the home or commercial units, there are several factors that the property owner should think about. First Selection of colors and brands and most important paint type? The color of the walls in a home can make it feel inviting or closed off. Nice color selection also enhances the beauty of the room and home—or not do anything for the room at all. And we believe that painting of home should gives completely new looks with effective color selection of our valuable color desire so make them feel so relax,, and most people do not realize just how big of a decision it is to choose a paint color. This is why many people feel a bit overwhelmed when they are looking at paint samples and deciding what the color of the interior should be.

Most people who paint their interior walls are going to want to go with a color that will last throughout the years. That way, they can paint just once and be content for years to come. This is the reason why most people go with neutral colors in each room that will go with any decor that they decide to change over the years. However, others decide to go with bright and bold color choices that make a statement. In either situation, the need for professionals who paint for a reputable company is going to be something to consider.


It isn’t necessary to go into too much detail as to why a good painter in Dubai is so crucial to your property. One thing to state here is that if you’re interiors aren’t finished to the right quality then the whole effort can be a waste. Our results speak for themselves.We pride ourselves in the results as The Best Painting Service in Dubai.


Full preparation to Ceiling and Wall surfaces to get the correct end result you have to start from the correct surface. We make sure everything is prepared to ensure the best possible end result

Re plastering/Skimming to poor surfaces or to improve surface finish this goes hand in hand with any prep work

Application of paints by hand (brushed where required), in a Matt, Vinyl Matt, Sheen, or Silk finish in colour of choice, or Traditional emulsion – whatever finish you require we have the right tools for the job

Preparation and application of Decorative effects (broken –colour) really make your rooms stand out with specially prepared effect feature walls

Preparation to wood surfaces, doors, windows, skirting boards etc, and application of primers, undercoats, and finishes in a Flat oil, Eggshell, Satin, or Gloss finish.

High gloss or Coach finishes to Doors get those interior and exterior doors looking their very best

Preparation and hanging of lining papers, or wall coverings of your choice I you choose to go with wallpaper rather a painted finish we have the experts at hand to provide the best possible painting decorating service. We guarantee no no bubbles and the best possible finish

Exterior painting Whether it be for walls, fences, gates or decking we have all the equipment at hand to make your property look it’s best

satisfaction-guarantee-badge The majority of people perceive painting to be a job that they can easily tackle. However, professional painting will significantly enhance the look and feel of your home or office. You can rely on us to select the right colour and use the right painting products for the job, ensuring a wall that is well protected from deterioration and has long lasting results. This means that you will not have to redo the job each year, saving your time and money in the long run. We also assure that the job will be completed in a timely manner with care and quality.

Painting Services in Dubai


Painters dubai have experienced and expert painters to serve our valuable customers in all dubai.


We are initially focusing on providing quality residence painting, commercial painting and decorating services, so that we ensure that we offer an all-round service, This includes not only painting but also wallpapering multiple rooms in a domestic residence, and also we are enrich with capacity of exterior painting efficiency,


Our focus has always been on exceptional customer service accompanied by friendly long term staff, fully experienced in all aspects of decorating. So from first Hello to delivering complete services our staff has specially trained to communicate with customer over the time in order to full there complete requirements,


Over the years meticulous planning of contracts has allowed us to take on larger contracts as our reputation for safe working practice, expertise in paint application and working to deadlines has been beneficial to the company growth. Painters Dubai

Our Promise


1. To deal with your initial enquiry promptly, friendly and professionally and to schedule mutually convenient time for survey / meeting.

2. To ensure we are prompt for our schedule appointment so as not to obstruct your business whilst on your premises.

3. To get back to you with quotation within 24 hours in normally situation and also providing urgent quotation within 4 working hours.

4. We keeps follow up with our customer after providing quotation to get there feedback and valuable comments and try to match our quotation to their specific budget.

5. Once we agree with customer on quotation then we ensure with our expert team to delivering services and agreed time and high quality of standard services,

Preparation for painting can also entail caulking of cracks around skirting boards and door and window trim.


There are many factors which can negate the effectiveness of paint finishes, which can only be avoided through in-depth knowledge of products and application procedures. For example, in the case of some high-performance paints for exterior applications, temperature sensitivity plays a large part in how effective the finish will be. Many products have a set range of temperatures between which they can be applied to achieve the right adherence and subsequent performance over their lifetime.

Please feel free to contact us at professional painters regarding your requirements. Our expert staff will be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have.

Best Painting Company in Dubai

When you do decide to paint your home be sure to choose a Painters Dubai that offers you the best service at the best prices. The good news is that there are many painting companies out there that will do a good job of painting or restoring your home. If you choose wisely you can hire a painting Company that provides high quality work without charging you too much.

A good service provider is one that is able to handle the coloring work and it is also a Painters Dubai that is able to give you useful tips about which paint type is the best for your needs. They should also be able to show you that they are capable of using the right coloring techniques.

Best Painting Companies in Dubai

When you do decide to paint your home be sure to choose a Painters Dubai that offers you the best service at the best prices. The good news is that there are many painting companies out there that will do a good job of painting or restoring your home. If you choose wisely you can hire a painting Company that provides high quality work without charging you too much.

A good service provider is one that is able to handle the coloring work and it is also a Painters Dubai that is able to give you useful tips about which paint type is the best for your needs. They should also be able to show you that they are capable of using the right coloring techniques.