How to Paint Furniture Like the Pros

Is your quality furniture looking a little worn and outdated?

You don’t need to run out and buy a whole new dining room/living room set.

In fact, when you know how to paint furniture, you can save yourself a lot of money and time.

Plus, you’ll be able to keep that quality furniture you love, and just give it a fresh new look.

Do You Know How to Paint Furniture?

It’s easier than you think.

We’ll guide you through nine simple steps to bring some luster and shine back to that old furniture:

1. Remove Any Drawers or Hardware

If your piece has drawers, be sure to mark their order with a piece of tape on the bottom.

Then remove any hardware and store it in a bag or jar.

2. Wash with Liquid TSP Substitute

Clean and prep your piece using a liquid TSP substitute. Be sure to follow directions carefully.

You’re welcome to use powdered TSP, but we’ve found that it doesn’t rinse as well and could cause your pain to chip and peel easily.

3. Fill Holes and Sand

If the wood on your piece has sustained any damage, fill holes with wood filler. Then sand the piece lightly to remove any dust.

Sanding is an important step because it will allow the primer and paint to stick.

Be sure to sand the same direction as the grain in the wood. As appealing as it might seem, steer clear of any circular motion as it will cause the wood to scratch.

4. Prime with Oil Primer

You can use a roller to apply the primer, but we find a paintbrush works better. It goes on smoother and you can get into any nooks and crannies.

Let the primer dry – at least overnight.

5. Sand Again and Wipe down

It might seem counterintuitive to sand again, but you want to ensure that you remove any raised wood fibers.

Then use a tack cloth to clean any dust that came from sanding.

6. Paint…

Take some time to pick out the perfect paint.

Then, depending on your preference, you can use either a paintbrush or a roller to paint your piece.

For a smaller piece with more curves, a paintbrush is your best bet.

Work toward a smooth finish, and let the paint dry the recommended amount of time. Again, the best rule of thumb is overnight – at a minimum.

7. …and Paint Again

You’ll probably be feeling pretty geeked seeing your piece all painted. But you’re not done yet!

You’ll need to apply a second coat to ensure the paint doesn’t chip. If you’re using a thicker paint, you should be fine with just these two coats.

8. Install Hardware

For any piece of furniture where you had to remove hardware, you can either reinstall the original hardware or consider installing brand new hardware.

Updating drawer handles or knobs can really give your old piece a brand new feel.

9. Add Protection

This is an optional step.

But if your furniture piece is likely to experience some wear, you may want to apply 2-3 coats of a polycrylic protective finish to keep your paint smooth and shiny.

Make the Old New Again

Now that you know how to paint furniture, you can breathe some new life into that old furniture. Plus, you’ll be helping the earth by not adding any more to the landfills.

And once you see how cool your newly painted furniture is, you might be inspired to touch up your interior too. Contact us today and we’ll ensure your walls look as great as your furniture!

Have more questions? Call us today to set up an appointment.