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Jotun Lady Design

Jotun Lady Color Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Color Card

Product description
We rarely think of our walls as art pieces to be proud of; but with Jotun Lady Design Paints, You can truly express your personal sense of style. Jotun Lady Design Paints can give your walls colour, texture, and depth. The look of your home can now keep changing with every new inspiration that comes to you.

Lady Effects Glaze

Jotun Lady Glaze Shades Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Glaze Shades

Product description
Lady Effects Glaze is a high quality oil based glaze suitable for use in painting techniques such as colour washing, glazing, sponging, marbling, flame, ragging and other types of innovative finishes.
Recommended use
Ideal for design oriented interiors.
Note that all previously painted surfaces can be glazed eg. wooden surfaces, door panels, furniture and walls.

Fenomastic Hygiene

Jotun Fenomastic Paint Applicator in Dubai

tun Fenomastic Paint Shades

Product description
Take the safe route with this durable, washable antibacterial paint, which prevents the growth and spread of many different kinds of bacteria and fungi. Its also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms due to its unique High Crack Tolerance (HTC) formula, low flamespread and long lasting colours that stay attractive clean after clean.

Lady Design Stucco Antica

Jotun Lady Stucco Antica Applicator in Dubai

Jotun Lady Stucco Antica

Product description
Lady Design Stucco Antica is a high quality waterborne paint which creates an elegant antique look on your interior walls – giving you a blend of opulence and antiquity. It comes in a beautiful selection of colours that will help you create the perfect look.

Professional Painting Service by Dubai Technical in U.A.E

We are highly skilled in residential and commercial interior painting and exterior painting (and related trades) in Dubai. We are the best painting contractors in U.A.E, ON and we present every time the best in any aspect – service, workmanship, quality & materials.


We know how difficult it is to have workers hanging in your home for some time. For that fact, we will take an extra attention while working during the project & only high quality painters will work for you. After preparing the house & painting it, we will make sure that everything is back in its place and we will clean the job site for the fresh new look.


Any successful exterior painting work begins with a good preparation. We know that this is the key element if we desire the paint to stick. Our experience leads us to a mastered prep work. After the preparation period is finished, we focus on applying the paint or stain in a smooth & efficient way which guarantee the winning look after drying.


We are proudly offer large range of services. From smallest house painting job and up to commercial & industrial locations, from the easiest job to the most complex.

Just tell us what do you need – We are here for you.


  • Painting – siding (on all surfaces), trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • Staining – siding, trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • Power washing.
  • chualking/sealing siding.


  • Painting – walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, doors, cabinets, banisters.
  • Drywall fixing.
  • Baseboards & trims chalking/fixing & nail holes filling.
  • Wallpaper removal.

Annual maintenance contracts available for Buildings Villas and apartments on attractive rates. Call out service available any where in Dubai Call Now 050 9113683 or Visit